CMZ TC30YS-800

CNC LATHES. Año 2010.

Control CNC: Fanuc 31i

– Basic functions:
Ø Maximum swing over bed: 920 mm
Ø Maximum swing over carriage: 745 mm
Ø Maximum turning diameter: 550mm
Distance between chucks: 765,7 mm
Stroke X: 315 mm
Stroke Z: 800 mm
Stroke Y: +80mm
Stroke B: 803 mm
Rapid feed X: 30 m/min
Rapid feed Z: 30 m/min
Rapin feed Y: 15 m/min
Rapid feed B: 30 m/min
Axis acceleration: 1 g (1g=9,8 m/sec’)

– Headstock:
Spindle speed: 3000 rpm
Ø bearing external diameter: 240mm
Ø bearing internal diameter: 160mm
Spindle nose: ASA 11″ A2
Ø inside diameter of spindle: 106 mm
Ø Maximum bar size: 95 mm
Ø Chuck diameter: 315 mm
Ø Chuck bore size: 95mm
Spindle power: 48/39 kW
Spindel torque: 1500Nm (max)

– Turret:
Nº of tool position: 12 (16)
Tools section: 25×25 (50)
Tool index time: 30º 0,2s-180º 0,5s
Clamping force at 45 bar: 8000 kgf

– Driven tools:
Nº of driven tools: 12
Maximum speed: 4000
Power: 16 kw
Torque: 75Nm

– Subspindle:
Spindle speed: 5000rpm
Ø External bearing diameter: 140mm
Ø Internal bearing diameter: 90mm
Spindle Nose: ASA 6″A2
Ø Spindle bore diameter: 57mm
Ø Maximum bar size: 46 mm
Ø Chuck diameter: 165mm
Ø Chuck bore size: 43mm
Spindle power:14/8 kW
Spindle torque: 292/153Nm

Fully innstalled power: 100 KVA
Weight: 8200 kg
2803 x 2020 x 2236 mm

Capacity of coolant tank: 300litres
Capacity of Hydraulic oil tank:10liters
Capacity of Lubrication oil tank: 2litres
Installation voltage: 400 V 50 Hz
Max. ambient temperature: 35ºC


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